Oil Filled Radiator Heater - FAQ Before You Buy

Good evening to you all. Hopefully you are all sat snuggled up nice and warm and cosy while the blisteringly cold weather howls at the windows trying to get in. This is where I am right now, laptop on knee, cat by my side pestering for my attention and oil filled radiator heater a few feet away.

I live alone and don't have too much money available so I always used to try to keep the heating turned off in an attempt to cut back on the extortionate energy bills. Unfortunately as the cold weather draws in I used to find myself wrapped up in many layers, rather uncomfortable, still fairly cold and not wanting to move.

Luckily a few months ago, a friend invited me round for a dinner and a glass of wine or two. It was fine at first but as the evening went on it got noticeably colder until she went and pulled out from a cupboard this little oil filled radiator heater. At first glance it didn't look like it could warm the cupboard it had just emerged from but after about 10 minutes you could really notice a difference. It just seemed to take the chill off the room.

After about 30 minutes I even removed my cardigan as the room was pleasantly warm and it was a medium sized room, not large by any standard but large enough for me to be impressed as to how much of a difference this oil filled radiator heater had made, especially to our immediate surroundings like 3-5m sq for example.

Thinking about myself shivering at night wearing multiple layers I decided to ask about this little oil radiator. I have listed below some of the things I wanted to know before buying one myself and the answers to those questions. 

How Does An Oil Filled Radiator Heater Work?

The oil that is inside the oil filled radiator heater is warmed and due to convection it rises through the panels heating the radiator and therefore the room. Some models have a timer that allows you to set it to turn on or off such as before you wake up, after you fall asleep or for when you come home from work.

Is An Oil Filled Radiator Heater Safe?

Oil filled radiator heaters are one of the safest and most reliable heaters available today. They are built in such a way that it is virtually impossible for the oil to escape. You never have to replace the oil either meaning they are long lasting and economical. The panels generally don't heat to a dangerous level although you can get covers for them if you are worried about children.

Some models have auto shut off functions if it overheats or tips over and they are lightweight meaning easily portable and little risk of injury.

What Are The Best Uses Of An Oil Filled Radiator Heater?

For the home:
  • Near where you are sitting or lying to keep you warm and save on energy bills
  • In drafty locations such as next to doors and windows to keep warmer and again to save on energy bills.
  • In the bedroom to warm the room either at night or in the morning for a better nights sleep.

For the workplace:
  • Under your desk or counter to keep warm
  • Next to your machine or workspace
  • In client wating rooms

Where To Read Reviews & Buy An Oil Filled Radiator Heater?

There are a wide range of makes and models of oil radiator heaters available and with different features. I would first check out an oil radiator heater from here to see what the most popular ones are and to read some customer reviews. You will also find oil filled radiator heaters at low prices and fast delivery.